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Unique Features (Magic of Sales Jarvis)

Auto Prospecting

Carry on your prospecting in AUTO mode from various sources like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, or any other to create database of:

  • Companies
  • Persons
  • Jobs

Auto Segmentation

A novel feature that enables you to:

  • Have maximum possible combination of searches using your filters
  • Bypass the limit of 1000 results and open up the unchartered pool of prospects

Trackable URL & Attachments

Another novel feature that:

  • Automatically makes your URL,attachments trackable (in emails/ linkedin messages)
  • Notifies you as & when prospect opens the URL,attachment in real time

Company Details Enrichment

Automatically enriches details of the companies in database with information like:

  • HQ
  • Company Size
  • Specialities
  • Founding, Funding details, etc

Persons Details Enrichment

Automatically enriches details of the Persons in database with information like:

  • Location
  • Designation
  • Experience, Summary, etc

Person Extraction

Novel feature that extracts specific persons from list of companies automatically

  • Ex. Founder's OR CEOs OR CTOs, any other etc.

Email and Contact Enrichment

Enriches persons and companies in database with:

  • Email Ids
  • Contact Information

Email Validation

Validates enriched emails to ensure:

  • Better domain reputation
  • Low spam rate
  • Low bounce rate

LinkedIn & Email Campaign

Hyper personalise your LinkedIn Campaigns in AUTO mode to send:

  • Invitations
  • Messages
  • Endorsements

Ready to use Templates

Get to use ready templates curated by seasoned professionals to jump start your sales cycle

Reachout to New Hiring Companies

Auto reachout to company and its Decision Makers that has posted job in last 48 hours

Reachout to Recently Funded Startups

Auto reachout to company and its Decision Makers that has got funded in last 48 hours

With Sales Jarvis VS Without Sales Jarvis

Are Manual and Data-Intensive tasks bringing your productivity down?
Would you rather focus on the human aspect of sales?
  • thumb Sales Jarvis sales automation platform 5
    With Sales Jarvis
  • Faster & Accurate Data
  • Automized 24*7 Prospecting
  • Automized Lead Generation
  • Automized Appointment Generation
  • Ample time for human aspects of Sales
  • FREE CRM & Dedicated Support
  • Flexible Workflows
  • No Credit card required
  • thumb Sales Jarvis sales automation platform 6
    Without Sales Jarvis
  • Slow & Errorneous Data
  • Time bound Prospecting
  • Labourious Lead Generation
  • Labourious Appointment Generation
  • Low time for human aspects of Sales
  • Expensive CRM & almost no Support
  • No Customization to workflows
  • Credit card required
Credit Card is not required for Free Trial

How it Works


Identify your target audience from 25+ sources

Just think about your ideal perspective clients.


Start Sales Jarvis to

a. Build list of Companies and Prospects as per your filter parameters (ICP)

b. Enrich and Validate Company Details, Person Details, Emails, Contact Numbers

c. Run Smart and Personalised LinkedIn and Email Campaigns to Generate Interest, Responses, Meetings


Sit back and relax while Sales Jarvis works for you!

Grab a coffee and take care of Closing & Strategising!



Discover use cases for your industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most frequently
asked questions

Sales Jarvis can take care of end to end Data Mining, Lead Generation and Appointment Generation Process. Sales Jarvis would help you in increasing your Sales by automating and speeding up your sales cycle. This eleminates all your manual efforts and you can utilize most of your time in strategising and Closing.

Yes, absolutely. Increasing sales is the primary purpose of Sales Jarvis

It reduces your operating cost by automating and optimizing your current sales workflows.

Not at all!

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