How to Target Recently Funded Startups?

We saw how to target actively hiring companies in one of our previous blogs. Here’s another intuitive thought: a startup with a large influx of cash is more likely to want to buy goods and services.

Startups that have just received a funding round could be amongst your more qualified prospects. These startups often don’t get funding to become more lean, or even to become profitable. They get funding to grow, and that typically means new people, new services, and new tools.

That brings us to:

How to Find Recently Funded Startups?

Directly following a funding round, startups often make investments to jumpstart growth, and if your solution can help them do that, then you should reach out to such startups at the earliest.

For example, if a startup just underwent a $20 million series A round, they might be in the market for:

  • a more robust online presence
  • new offices
  • an enterprise-level CRM
  • or a more sophisticated marketing automation platform.

Crunchbase is an excellent resource for identifying when startups have undergone a funding round allowing users to filter by Funding type, amount & date.

Now let’s look at how you can do this manually vs. how you can do this with Sales Jarvis.

(Spoiler alert: Sales Jarvis with its automated approach takes the cake🎂)

Assuming a SDR hourly cost of 30$, engaging 75 new prospects and re-engaging 100 prospects, the analysis below shows time and $ savings for each step.

sales jarvis target recently funded startups savings analysis

The analysis assumes that you are using a single tool to automate the entire process - a tool like Sales Jarvis. If not then every tool would require its own setup time.

(Visit to know more about Sales Jarvis, a Sales acceleration software.)


It would take 15 hours more than an entire work week (~45 hours) to engage 75 prospects and re-engage 100 prospects manually, if you work like a robot, with a great laptop, without making any mistakes.

With Sales Jarvis, you:

  • Reduce manual outreach activity time by ~90% [89.66%👆]
  • Get back more than a second full work week for each SDR [54.17 hours👆]
  • Save up to nearly 1.5 times of a SDR salary [1.2👆]

It takes about 5 minutes to set this up:

  • Start with our workflow template to target recently funded startups
  • Setup LinkedIn and Crunchbase accounts
  • Set qualification filters
  • Activate the workflow
  • Grab a coffee while Jarvis works for you

Sales Jarvis enables you to automate your entire workflow at a fraction of the cost while saving time for your SDRs as well.

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